Monday, August 31, 2009

One Great Year

One year ago today, Chris and I were enjoying ourselves at the best wedding we've ever been to (ours, of course!). Our first anniversary is here already. I can't believe it's been a whole year, even though our entire lives have changed for the best.
Our friend Gina has started a little etsy shop called TenderLetters, where she makes these beautiful banners. Chris special ordered this one for me. Gina came by yesterday to drop it off, pretending to want to know about another one that I'd ordered for Noah's room, and I never suspected...
Chris hung it for me in the living room so it was there when I walked out of the kitchen from washing dishes.

A little later in the evening Steve and Tasha stopped by (their anniversary - 5 years! - is very close to ours) to share our little anniversary cake and a little romantic anniversary party.

We ate cake, sipped red wine, and enjoyed our anniversary a day early because Chris had class until late this evening.

The best part is, we get to start another great year together. We have a sweet little baby, a lot of love, and a great time together.

Thank you Chris, for being the best husband, partner, and friend that I could ever hope for. Even if I get a little cranky sometimes :)
I Love You!!


Chris said...

One great year deserves another ten at the least!

I love you as well, cranky or not, because you are the greatest friend, inspiration, and wife I could ever imagine. Happy Anniversary to you/ us!

natasha said...

Happy anniversary to you both! It was such an honor to get to celebrate with you and I look forward to watching your love and your family grow for another hundred years to come!

Great pics, as always!

glo said...

Beautiful and so sweet. We love you guys.

Helen said...

Happy Anniversary. Coming to Bisbee? You promised. Glo , you too. Love, Helen

Helen said...

How beautiful. Happy Anniversary. Coming to Bisbee soon? You promised! You too Glo!
Love, Helen

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Gina said...

happy anniversary!!!!!
it was such a treat and an honor to make that banner for you (i am so not good at being sneaky)... your sweetness inspires me!
and what a gorgeous cake i spy--who made that?