Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lots of Visitors

We've been having lots of fun visitors at our house lately. Noah has quite a few little buddies already. First we had my mom come, which was great. The house feels cleaner than it has in months, and we had a great time watching girly movies and spending time together.

Last night my good fried Fran and her baby (now 1 year old), Tristan, were here for a visit. Tristan ran all over the house while we all chased him, and Noah was amazed by the amount of energy he brought along with him. It was fun seeing Fran and being together with our little ones. We were amazed by how different things are. It doesn't seem so long ago that she and I shared a little dorm room in Santiago, Chile. But wow, things have changed. Unfortunately I was too busy running after babies to get a good photo of her :)

Next, we have Adam and Amy coming to stay for a week before they head to Alaska. We're looking forward to visiting them there, but definitely sad that they're leaving Tucson.

Their baby, Miles (on the left) is just two months younger than Noah. We couldn't resist this photo of all three babies in the house (including Joseph, in the middle) with their monkey onesies on. A funny thing about Noah is that he cries every time he hears another baby crying. He's very empathetic. I bet we'll have having a few more little cry fests this week.

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