Wednesday, August 19, 2009

His own chair

One more photo from our trip to Flagstaff last weekend. I didn't bring the little tub and Noah needed a bath, so we improvised. My mom had a great time letting him splash around, even though he's getting so big that he barely fit in the tub.

He's also getting strong enough to lean forward in the bouncer, so I pulled out this "Bumbo" chair, and he loves it. He looks at me like he can't believe he's big enough to sit in his very own chair!

So far we've been doing quite a bit of sitting around the house. I'm trying to get two hours of work done a day, and laundry... laundry... laundry... and... oh, more laundry. I can't believe how great Noah is though. Today he sat beside me not the couch (seriously) for at least twenty minutes just sucking on his hands (his most recent amazing skill).
I have to admit that it feels a little more lonely around here without Amy sitting with me and nursing her baby.


Amy said...

It's lonely here too.

These photos are terribly adorable.

glo said...

What a great chair - he looks like he loves it!