Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday Picnick

Despite looming rain clouds over the mountains this morning, Steve and Tasha met us at Epic for breakfast, and we headed up to Mt. Lemmon for a birthday picnick.

Chris carried Noah in the ergo, which I think they both enjoyed. Noah slept most of the way. We were used to the sleeping until the forest was suddenly filled with shrieking baby sounds. Oops, time to nurse.

The minute we stood up from our break, it started to pour. We hiked fast, but got drenched (except for Noah, who was safety zipped inside Chris' rain jacket). Since rain has been so rare this summer though, we couldn't help but enjoy the deluge and the chilly air.

Luckily, it cleared just as we got to the picnick area, and Tasha and Steve had brought ciabatta bread with grilled veggies, and goat cheese to make delicious sandwiches. We topped it off with some of the best cupcakes I've ever eaten (surprise surprise, made by Tasha).

It was a great little birthday celebration.

Thanks Tasha and Steve!!


Chris said...

Muchas Gracias to our picnic aficionados/grill chef/pastry chef companeros Esteban y Tashita!

And a happy happy birthday to dear Emery and Noah Kai. All is well and wonderful in the Eaves home today.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Emery! I wish I could have celebrated with you. The hike looks like it was fun.

That cupcake does look fantastic.

natasha said...

Thanks for the sweet post, Em. We had a wonderful time celebrating and look forward to many more birthday adventures with you. xxxooo