Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another 1st: Camping!

Last night we headed up Mt. Lemmon again. This time with our new family tent, our sleeping bags, and lots of warm fuzzy baby gear and food for an overnight trip. We went with two other families. They each have a two year old boy, and a baby girl. One who's nine months, and the other two and a half months.

It was fun to do the trip with other people with kids, and especially with some other nursing moms. The trees and camp activities were so exciting that Noah and the other babies seemed content to just look around (Ani also put quite a few rocks in her mouth. I'm sure Noah would have joined in if he'd thought of it. Maybe next time.).

We had a great little sleeping bag for Noah. One of Chris' co-workers gave it to us, and it was great. It doesn't have arms, just legs. I guess so he can't roll his face into the bag. He was so cuddly!

The first campfire must be an important milestone. Noah was truly mesmerized by the flames.

Noah really enjoyed it. So did we. I think we'll have to start doing it a lot more often.


glo said...

Noah looks like he loves the outdoors - what a cozy tent!

Chris said...

I love the picture of Noah and I by the fire! I had such a great weekend. Happy Anniversary!

JoAnne said...

You all look like you're having a wonderful time! Wish I could have been there! Congratulations on your first anniversary.

Xochi Mama said...

I love that sleeping bag of Noah's. Where did your friends find it at?

Amy said...

Too much cuteness. Can Noah be rolling over? It looks like it in that one photo. I love your pillow cases.

Always, always, always wishing I were with you.

The light is beautiful in the photos. Is Tucson always so gorgeous? (Said with a wistful rainy day sigh.)