Friday, August 21, 2009

3 Months

Today is Noah's three month birthday. Just one day after my 28th birthday. Things are going great. Chris has started school and is gone too much, but Noah and I are having a good time.
Some new three-month-old things:

He's discovered his hands, for grabbing, sucking, and slobbering on

He smiles a lot, and talks and talks and talks, "AHhhhhh, goooo, gu, gooo, ooohh, lah-gagaaah, etc."

He can almost sit up, and is no longer content lying down most of the time. He likes to be sitting up, even just on the couch or a chair, or to be standing up on his feet

He's an incredibly mellow and sweet baby, letting me do laundry and blog posts while he sits happily on my lap or in the ergo

I had a fun birthday yesterday. I woke up in the morning just as Chris was leaving the house. I looked at the clock and though, oh man, he's leaving early. I won't be able to take a shower...
but, fifteen minutes later he showed back up with a dozen red roses!

My Gram (Noah's great grandma) and her husband, Bill, came to visit, and we went all over town shopping and eating out.

Happy 3 months and 28 years to us!!


Gammi said...

Happy 3 month birthday Noah!

Chris said...

Love and Kisses for a couple of birthday babes!

Sean and Louisa said...

Three Months!!?? I'm so glad you're posting all these pictures, so I don't feel like I'm totally missing him. Happy Birthday to you both! xoxoxo

Amy said...

You are such a great photographer.

I'm glad I can watch Noah grow through your pictures.