Monday, August 31, 2009

One Great Year

One year ago today, Chris and I were enjoying ourselves at the best wedding we've ever been to (ours, of course!). Our first anniversary is here already. I can't believe it's been a whole year, even though our entire lives have changed for the best.
Our friend Gina has started a little etsy shop called TenderLetters, where she makes these beautiful banners. Chris special ordered this one for me. Gina came by yesterday to drop it off, pretending to want to know about another one that I'd ordered for Noah's room, and I never suspected...
Chris hung it for me in the living room so it was there when I walked out of the kitchen from washing dishes.

A little later in the evening Steve and Tasha stopped by (their anniversary - 5 years! - is very close to ours) to share our little anniversary cake and a little romantic anniversary party.

We ate cake, sipped red wine, and enjoyed our anniversary a day early because Chris had class until late this evening.

The best part is, we get to start another great year together. We have a sweet little baby, a lot of love, and a great time together.

Thank you Chris, for being the best husband, partner, and friend that I could ever hope for. Even if I get a little cranky sometimes :)
I Love You!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another 1st: Camping!

Last night we headed up Mt. Lemmon again. This time with our new family tent, our sleeping bags, and lots of warm fuzzy baby gear and food for an overnight trip. We went with two other families. They each have a two year old boy, and a baby girl. One who's nine months, and the other two and a half months.

It was fun to do the trip with other people with kids, and especially with some other nursing moms. The trees and camp activities were so exciting that Noah and the other babies seemed content to just look around (Ani also put quite a few rocks in her mouth. I'm sure Noah would have joined in if he'd thought of it. Maybe next time.).

We had a great little sleeping bag for Noah. One of Chris' co-workers gave it to us, and it was great. It doesn't have arms, just legs. I guess so he can't roll his face into the bag. He was so cuddly!

The first campfire must be an important milestone. Noah was truly mesmerized by the flames.

Noah really enjoyed it. So did we. I think we'll have to start doing it a lot more often.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Father and son sitting on the couch together playing with their toys. Precious.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Silver Rattle

A parent of one of Chris' students gave Noah this shiny silver rattle. It fits perfectly into his little hands, and makes the sweetest little jingling sounds.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday Picnick

Despite looming rain clouds over the mountains this morning, Steve and Tasha met us at Epic for breakfast, and we headed up to Mt. Lemmon for a birthday picnick.

Chris carried Noah in the ergo, which I think they both enjoyed. Noah slept most of the way. We were used to the sleeping until the forest was suddenly filled with shrieking baby sounds. Oops, time to nurse.

The minute we stood up from our break, it started to pour. We hiked fast, but got drenched (except for Noah, who was safety zipped inside Chris' rain jacket). Since rain has been so rare this summer though, we couldn't help but enjoy the deluge and the chilly air.

Luckily, it cleared just as we got to the picnick area, and Tasha and Steve had brought ciabatta bread with grilled veggies, and goat cheese to make delicious sandwiches. We topped it off with some of the best cupcakes I've ever eaten (surprise surprise, made by Tasha).

It was a great little birthday celebration.

Thanks Tasha and Steve!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

3 Months

Today is Noah's three month birthday. Just one day after my 28th birthday. Things are going great. Chris has started school and is gone too much, but Noah and I are having a good time.
Some new three-month-old things:

He's discovered his hands, for grabbing, sucking, and slobbering on

He smiles a lot, and talks and talks and talks, "AHhhhhh, goooo, gu, gooo, ooohh, lah-gagaaah, etc."

He can almost sit up, and is no longer content lying down most of the time. He likes to be sitting up, even just on the couch or a chair, or to be standing up on his feet

He's an incredibly mellow and sweet baby, letting me do laundry and blog posts while he sits happily on my lap or in the ergo

I had a fun birthday yesterday. I woke up in the morning just as Chris was leaving the house. I looked at the clock and though, oh man, he's leaving early. I won't be able to take a shower...
but, fifteen minutes later he showed back up with a dozen red roses!

My Gram (Noah's great grandma) and her husband, Bill, came to visit, and we went all over town shopping and eating out.

Happy 3 months and 28 years to us!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

His own chair

One more photo from our trip to Flagstaff last weekend. I didn't bring the little tub and Noah needed a bath, so we improvised. My mom had a great time letting him splash around, even though he's getting so big that he barely fit in the tub.

He's also getting strong enough to lean forward in the bouncer, so I pulled out this "Bumbo" chair, and he loves it. He looks at me like he can't believe he's big enough to sit in his very own chair!

So far we've been doing quite a bit of sitting around the house. I'm trying to get two hours of work done a day, and laundry... laundry... laundry... and... oh, more laundry. I can't believe how great Noah is though. Today he sat beside me not the couch (seriously) for at least twenty minutes just sucking on his hands (his most recent amazing skill).
I have to admit that it feels a little more lonely around here without Amy sitting with me and nursing her baby.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The next generation

Aside from the fact that this is a terribly unflattering photo, I thought it was really fun to get Magan, Fran and I with our little ones. I've known them both since middle school, and now here we are with babies. It hardly feels like enough time has gone by for that. It seems like such a short while ago that we were mortified when Marilyn (Magan's mom) told her sister, as we were getting ready for a high school dance at her house, "These girls go to the dances with eachother!" Well, considering that we went to an performing arts academy, there was a serious shortage of available dates. Plus, we were dorks okay!?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Epic Goodbyes

As I've mentioned (probably several times as it's been creeping up on me), our good friends Adam, Amy, June and Miles, are moving to Alaska. Amy and the kids left on Saturday morning after they all stayed with us for a week. It was great getting to spend so much time with them. Amy suggested that the best last thing for all of us to do before they left was to go eat breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, the Epic Cafe. We spent a whole lot of time there all together, and Amy and I spent even more time there studying together when we were both going to school.

I can't really believe that we won't be heading over there with our matching outfits anymore...

Noah is going to miss having little Miles as a playmate around here.
We're really going to miss you guys!! And we are SOOooo going to visit Alaska next summer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pretty Cakes and Sweet Little Babies

We had a little going away party for our good friends, Adam and Amy, yesterday evening. They're headed to Alaska this weekend, and we're really going to miss them. We've had a fun full house since they've been staying with us this week.
Tasha made this beautiful cake. Devil's food with a star-shaped sparkler on top (it was too fast and amazing to get a perfect photo, but I really liked this one of Adam and Amy and I with all the little ones in awe of the sparkling cake).

We've also been having lots of baby bouncer parties :)

At the party, Tasha quoted an elderly woman she met who said, "Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze."

Naturally, when Amy and I decided to eat apple pie for breakfast this morning it had to be with the cheese. Guess what? It really was tasty! (Yes, it's true that I have a history of liking just about anything smothered in melted cheese, but Amy liked it too).

Lastly, I have to mention that Chris started back to school today. A whole new batch of sixth graders, and some new eighth graders. We've been really missing him around the house. So much so that Noah is even interested in hearing about why exactly we need (and I mean NEED) the enormous stack of bike tires on the front porch (oh, there is also a sizable stack of them on the back porch).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lots of Visitors

We've been having lots of fun visitors at our house lately. Noah has quite a few little buddies already. First we had my mom come, which was great. The house feels cleaner than it has in months, and we had a great time watching girly movies and spending time together.

Last night my good fried Fran and her baby (now 1 year old), Tristan, were here for a visit. Tristan ran all over the house while we all chased him, and Noah was amazed by the amount of energy he brought along with him. It was fun seeing Fran and being together with our little ones. We were amazed by how different things are. It doesn't seem so long ago that she and I shared a little dorm room in Santiago, Chile. But wow, things have changed. Unfortunately I was too busy running after babies to get a good photo of her :)

Next, we have Adam and Amy coming to stay for a week before they head to Alaska. We're looking forward to visiting them there, but definitely sad that they're leaving Tucson.

Their baby, Miles (on the left) is just two months younger than Noah. We couldn't resist this photo of all three babies in the house (including Joseph, in the middle) with their monkey onesies on. A funny thing about Noah is that he cries every time he hears another baby crying. He's very empathetic. I bet we'll have having a few more little cry fests this week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunset picknik and a lightning show

Cabin fever starts to take over this time of year in Tucson. While most of the country is enjoying the summer weather outside, we're stuck inside avoiding temperatures close to 110. (Remember back in February when we were out hiking and everyone else was wishing summer would come...?).
Sooo, we decided at around 6 o'clock to head up the mountain for a sunset picknik in slightly cooler weather. It was beautiful. Much better than we expected. We ate curried chicken salad and watched Noah experience the wind and look at the pink clouds.

After it got dark we drove a little lower down to watch a lightning storm moving in and experimented with the camera. We got some interesting photos, and really enjoyed the show.

Here are just a couple extra photos from earlier. Noah seems to be into bugs so far. The things that have really captured his attention are: the beetle mobile; a little dragonfly toy that my aunt Jennifer gave him, and this book with shiny bugs in it.

And just so everyone knows who the boss is...