Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today Chris and Noah went out together to give me some time to work. Chris has a better time with Noah if they're out and about, mostly because Noah sleeps well in the car and the stroller, and when he wakes up he isn't so bored. Chris just takes a bottle along with a couple of ice packs, and they're gone a few hours.

It's so hard for me to be away from Noah for so long. I miss him like crazy.

Even worse, most of my job is transcribing interviews that I did over the phone. In the interview I was transcribing today I could here Noah screaming his little head off in the background. Ouch!


natasha said...

Oh man! Love that pic of Noah! And I'm curious to know how you transcribed the crying? ;)

JoAnne said...

Noah keeps getting cuter and cuter - what a doll!

Amy said...

I love the picture too. That smile is great!

And I feel you about working. It sucks to want to make some money, do something productive, yet not be with your little one.

Chris said...

It makes it easy for me when we have such a sweet baby. Thanks Noah Kai.