Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking up more space

Azrael, our cat, used to be the center of attention in the house (at least she could pretend that she was). Ever since Noah was born though, naturally, she's been feeling very ignored. Especially now that he's getting more vocal and more of a presence, she's started to wonder who (or what) he is. He hasn't noticed her much yet, but I forsee some tail pulling in the future.

He's starting to grab at some of the toys, and just today we noticed that he seems to like sitting up.

The monsoons are starting to make laundry a little more of a challenge (at least when things start out hanging on the line and the dryer is full), so our nice comfy chair ends up looking like this.

It was cleared off quickly though, when it turned out to be a great place to sit and watch the lightning storm.

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