Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Salad

I think I may have posted this salad last summer, but I was inspired by Gina's wild summer salad idea and thought I'd make this favorite of Chris and I. It's called a half and half salad (half salad and half pasta). Just cooled pasta, your favorite lettuces, cheeses, tomatoes, olives are good, and whatever you like. It makes a nice light dinner, but still good and filling with the pasta.

We've also been doing some fun things with morning bagels. Hey, when you're pretty much stuck in the house most of the time, you have to be easily entertained...

We've actually been taking Noah out and about quite a bit. He's great in the car seat, but often complains when we stop at stop lights. He doesn't understand the purpose of traffic laws just yet. We go to Summit hut (as Chris mentioned), home depot, target, of course the mall, and other air conditioned places. We also went up to Pima Community College this evening after the sun went down to join tons of other people doing an evening walk around the track. Noah didn't make a peep for the whole mile, and had such a great look on his face when we would turn toward the wind. He seems to love being outdoors (a good thing for him, considering who his parents are), and we're super excited to try out our new tent sometime soon.

He was so patient this morning while we doddled around trying to get ready that I couldn't resist this photo.

Just in case you don't already know, there are some great stories and a really cute video of Noah splashing in the tub. Click here.

One more.

Looking up at (what else?) the beetles, and hugging this monkey blanket that we think is so cute. He also has monkeys on his shirt.

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natasha said...

Oh man! That kid is just way too cute. I may have already said this in a previous comment, but it's really fun to see his personality develop - you're doing a great job of capturing it in your pics. For example, the pic here of him in his car seat is the first time I've ever seen him look bored/mildly miffed and it's so cute!