Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sesame's Prayer Flags

Remember these prayer flags? They're the ones we spent valentine's day last year writing all our hopes for Sesame's birth and life on (see the post here). They're starting to look tattered from the strong wind. I think that means the prayers are effectively flying out into the world. Now Noah (formerly Sesame) is captivated by the colorful flags flapping in the wind. It's really cool to see how much he enjoys being outside already.

Whenever the breeze blows in his face he closes his eyes and sucks in his breath. It's so funny to see, and imagine what it must feel like to have wind in your face for the first time.


Amy said...

This is so beautiful.

natasha said...

Wait a minute...I think he grew in the 48 hours since I last saw him! Out of control! And, yes, I second Amy's comment. Beautiful post and pics. I especially love the one of Chris so tenderly kissing his head as he fixates on the prayer flags.