Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy summer days

This first photo is, of course, looking at the dancing beetles. They are still Noah's favorite thing. He has a few other toys that are getting close though.

The awesome fish was a gift from Jed and Tracy (hand-crocheted), the fire-truck, of course from Grandpa Dennis (he's a fireman), and the Tarantula from Granddaddy Steve (not because he's a tarantula though, I don't think).

This one (below) was a moment of playing "where's the baby?" - I throw a blanket over Noah's face and then pull it off. Amazingly, it entertains him for long periods of time.

We've been playing the game a lot, and learning how to entertain a baby (almost two months old now, no kidding).

Early mornings are the best. We just stay in bed for a long time and Noah smiles at us and we play games.

The winnie the pooh gown is one of our favorites. The first time we put it on Noah he was a few days old. He looked at us like we were ridiculous, which may be true. But the little pooh hands are just irresistable.


Tracey Embrace the Change Hayes said...

love the playtime photos. That silly fish is as big ad Noah! the picture of you two is beautiful.

Amy said...

I love all the smiles and agree with Tracey, that picture of the two of you is beautiful.

natasha said...

I absolutely adore Noah's smile in all these pics. What a cutie!