Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Emery's Big Cheeks

My Gram sent me these photos when she saw that I mentioned Noah having big cheeks. His are nothing compared to these, but I think they just might get there if he keeps eating all day like he prefers to.

This black and white, taken by my uncle Eric, looks quite a bit like Noah though, I think. It's amazing how much he can look like me, like my mom, like Colin, and especially like Chris all at the same time.

Check out this one that I already posted the other day, but couldn't resist the side by side.


natasha said...

Wow! Now that I see the baby pics of you and Noah side-by-side I see all the similarities that hadn't jumped out at me before. I've never seen those baby pics of you, Em - you were such an adorable baby!

Amy said...

OH MY GOD I love that top photo of you Emery. And it's true, Noah looks so much like both of you.