Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reading books together is good parenting, right?

Just wondering, do you think this would count as reading a book with your child?

After taking these photos yesterday afternoon I was thinking about putting them on my blog while taking a shower this morning (I guess we're both practicing our multi-tasking). I came out, and there they were again in just the same position. I told Chris I wasn't sure that was very nice to do to Noah, considering that the book was about six inches above poor Noah's face (it really did look like he was reading the back cover though). Chris agreed that maybe it wasn't so nice. I came back into the room a few minutes later to find that he'd shifted the book over to the side and was reading out loud to Noah about crimes on Mt. Everest. I guess reading is reading isn't it?


Patti said...

That is a beer sitting there isn't it? High crimes and beer??? I was laughing out loud, but does it count as out loud if I'm the only one here to hear the laughing?

Amy said...

Totally noticed the beer too.

Reading together is good. I have pics of Adam holding newborn June as he searches the internet. I kinda love them. And the videos tell the truth of it - he stops and coos at her and talks and stuff. I'm sure Chris does/did too with Noah.