Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Four Generations

As I mentioned yesterday, my dad's mom and her husband were also here visiting over the weekend. We had a good time with them, and actually took Noah out to eat a couple of times. I was worried it would be stressful to take him out, but he's great. We tried to get some photos of all four generations together. The one above is one of my favorites.

I also loved this one of my Gram holding Noah. He looked at her like that quite a bit, so we think maybe he'll remember meeting her next time he sees her. He also had on a onesie with stars on it to match her star earrings and shirt, just for fun.

When I got up this morning I realized that I really missed having all the guests. I had to burp Noah myself. No grandparents out there waiting to hold him and let me take a shower. Oh man. He's sleeping a lot today though, and giving me a little time to myself, which is sweet.


Amy said...

I have internet access again! I too love the photo of Noah and your grandmother. I hope to see you soon.

Patti said...

I too love the photo of Noah and your grandmother. He looks so attentive to her. I also like the 4 generations. Wish I was there burping him!