Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Road Trip: Flagstaff

A Tour of Grammy Glo's Garden:

A Tour of Grammy Glo's garden started our little Flagstaff trip this time. My mom and Ron have been working hard on their gardening projects this year.
These yellow roses, which have been growing in a corner of the yard every summer as long as I can remember, were the first flowers to really catch Noah's attention. He grabbed at them and pulled several petals off.

The garden is pretty amazing, and the whole yard is filled with purple Penstemon flowers. Noah's super cute hat was a gift from Melissa, and we're sure loving it.

My mom's new container garden style is a ring of containers that forms a bed in the middle. It's pretty cool. You can see it in the photo below, along with a nice shot of part of the yard.

Chris took this beautiful close-up of the Penstemon.

A late-afternoon cozy nap:

Before a walk and Noah's first trip to Macy's, THE Flagstaff coffee shop:

And after the walk:

And some really awesome socks to keep those little toes warm:

Thanks Gram (My Grandma) for these Smart Wool baby socks!

We're definitely enjoying (and taking advantage of) more grandparent time. I'll try to post more photos as I take them, since we have some fun outings planned.


natasha said...

What sweet mountain baby pics! It's nice to see Noah's inner native Flagstaffian emerge - the socks, the caps, the warm, snuggly blankets. Looks like you guys are having a great time so far!

Chris said...

I love how well he fits in snuggly clothes. That and I just had to use the word snuggly one more time after Tasha, it really describes our trip so far.

And, not to brag, but check out the bee on the penstemon.

Patti said...

The garden looks beautiful. I love seeing the "snuggly" clothes too. I especially like the two hats.

Amy said...

I can't get over how much he changes and so quickly. He's filling out and getting so much bigger. I can't believe he reached out for flowers! That sounds so grown up already.

JoAnne said...

It's so much fun the see your photos and read your blog! Noah has changed so much since we saw him! He's a darling. Can hardly wait to see you all again.