Monday, June 29, 2009

Even more grandparents (and an aunt)!

Last week I started trying to go back to work, just a little bit. I'm super lucky to be able to work mostly at home, but it's still been pretty stressful trying to get back to any kind of normal life. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things soon, and be able to find extra time for more blog posting.

Chris' Dad and his wife, Lisa were here visiting this weekend. Chris' younger sister Amy also came to meet them and hang out with us. We had a fun time hanging out with them, ogling over Noah, and looking at wedding magazines and trying to help Amy with ideas for her wedding next spring. I can't believe how much Noah has grown and changed already. He doesn't seem much like a newborn baby anymore, and he's started to smile just a little! I haven't caught one on camera yet, but I'm trying.

They were obviously interested in our cloth diaper assortment, especially the pretty colors. They were intimidated about changing cloth diapers at first, but we showed them how easy it is, and they got right into it. We appreciated all the extra hands!

It took Noah just a little bit to give his grandpa Dennis a chance, but he sure did. Chris took these nice sunset photos. The first one shows an almost smile (I do realize that it looks quite a bit like the yawn in the third one, but just trust me).

He also liked his aunt Amy quite a bit. He's just about to get into the bathtub in the first one, and I think he was trying to tell her that he was going to scream about it. Maybe he'll get cleaner tomorrow...

He also had a great time with Lisa, and seriously tested her baby calming prowess, which was pretty good I thought.

Noah has definitely learned to cry for what he wants, and he's already got quite the stubborn streak, as we sort of expected. We think he's pretty great though, and he sure is lucky to have so many wonderful grandparents. My mom is coming down today to help me try to get my work done so we'll have more diaper changers around. I'll try to take advantage of my mom and get some more blogging done too :)


Amy said...

I can't believe how cute and how incredible these photos are. He really is changing quite a lot.

My favorites are those with Chris's dad and sister.

natasha said...

Great family pics. Noah certainly is well endowed in the grandparent department! And you can really see the Eaves family resemblance in the pics of Noah and his grandpa!