Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Details: 5th week

Although it looked like Noah might have had really light hair when he was born, I think it's definitely going to be quite a bit darker.

His feet (and toes) just keep growing. They're so cute.

These next two are left over from father's day. I saved this onesie for that day, and I was so excited to sneekily put it on Noah while Chris was brushing his teeth. Before Chris even had time to come out of the bathroom the baby pee had already somehow leaked out onto the shirt. I was so dissapointed, but Chris liked it anyway and insisted that I take a picture before we changed it.

And, here is another cute video of Noah. Chris was singing a spontaneous song to him and he was dancing. He loves the beetle mobile that Tasha gave him!


Patti said...

The dancing beetle song was entertaining. Wonder where he got that spontaneous singing from. Love ya-

natasha said...

So THAT's what happy dead bug baby pose is supposed to look like. That video is way too cute and I'm really happy that Noah likes the beetles as much (*maybe* more) as Steve and I did. ;)

Amy said...

This post makes me sigh and say "ahh" to myself. So sweet and so much love.

Chris said...

I like the second father's day photo the most! Tasha, I think I like the beetles the most.