Thursday, June 4, 2009

8lbs 9oz

That's how much Noah weighed at the pediatrician's office yesterday, which apparently is pretty substantial weight gain for being a little less than two weeks old.

This morning I realized that there are some things that Noah Kai needs to wear before he gets way too big and I miss them. One of them was these little sandals that Juliana brought him from Argentina.

My dad and his girlfriend Melissa are here visiting for the week. It's been nice to have some extra hands, especially since Melissa has five children and has been a midwife for thirty years so I've been asking her LOTS of questions.

My dad loves being granddad, and he's already been pooped and spit up on several times, which I guess must mean that Noah likes him too.


Chris said...

Now I'm not sure what PDA stands for. Public Display of Affection?
Poopy Display of Affection?
Positive Diaper Action?

The list goes on...

natasha said...

The sandals! I remembering seeing those before Noah was born and thinking, "How could a foot ever be this small?" So it's so sweet to see Noah teeny (long-toed!) feet fitting so perfectly in them now. Great post!

n_geesey said...

Noah's growing!!! We like your blog and check it often. Thanks for adding new photos. Fun to see your dad with Noah!