Friday, June 5, 2009

2 week birthday piknick

Yesterday was Noah Kai's two week birthday (for a while now his birthdays will be on Thursdays, whole years are much too large to think about). I hadn't been outside in quite a while, and we needed some fresh air so we decided to take a little picknick and head up to the top of Mt. Lemmon. It was so great to see aspen and fir trees, and just sit in the grass. I don't think Noah was consciously aware of it, but hopefully we're teaching him about our love of being outside at an early age. He seems to do well in the carseat, which we're excited about.

It actually got pretty chilly up there, which was amazing since it was over 100 in Tucson. My dad lent Noah another shirt, and put socks on him so he was pretty happy.


Chris said...

Thursday birthdays are better than Monday ones.

Steve said...

There is a lot of peace on your face, sitting there in the grass. Thanks for keeping notes on Noah, it is good to see you are all well.