Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 Month Birthday/ Happy Father's Day!

Today is June 21st, which is Noah's 1 month birthday. It's also Chris' first father's day, which we celebrated by going up to Mt. Lemmon for a picknik with Adam and Amy and June. I didn't have my camera, but Amy took some great photos that I will hopefully be able to post a few of later.

Another major milestone (for us) is that we have made it through a few days of only cloth diapers, and going strong. We had to work up to it, because we actually didn't have quite enough to keep up with Noah (we didn't anticipate 15 or more a day). With a few extra though, it's going great. My favorite, without question, are the BumGenius One-Size (they get bigger, and should fit him through potty training). They're as easy as the disposables, and really cool colors. I'll try to get some pictures of them.

We had a great time in Flagstaff, but I didn't get another chance to post photos. Here are some more good ones of just lying around the house.

I'm home by myself this afternoon and Noah is tired of waiting, so I have to cut it short, but I'll try to keep posting photos!


JoAnne said...

Happy 1 month birthday, Noah - and Happy 1st Father's Day, Chris. I love these photos, I think Noah definitely looks like Chris in the last one. Love, Gram

Amy said...

Those photos are awesome. The expressions you have captured are amazing.

I will send you some photos of the picnic tomorrow or the next night. I wish I could do it sooner but I am so incredibly tired and working too hard.

I had a great time Sunday.