Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Details: 5th week

Although it looked like Noah might have had really light hair when he was born, I think it's definitely going to be quite a bit darker.

His feet (and toes) just keep growing. They're so cute.

These next two are left over from father's day. I saved this onesie for that day, and I was so excited to sneekily put it on Noah while Chris was brushing his teeth. Before Chris even had time to come out of the bathroom the baby pee had already somehow leaked out onto the shirt. I was so dissapointed, but Chris liked it anyway and insisted that I take a picture before we changed it.

And, here is another cute video of Noah. Chris was singing a spontaneous song to him and he was dancing. He loves the beetle mobile that Tasha gave him!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Even more grandparents (and an aunt)!

Last week I started trying to go back to work, just a little bit. I'm super lucky to be able to work mostly at home, but it's still been pretty stressful trying to get back to any kind of normal life. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things soon, and be able to find extra time for more blog posting.

Chris' Dad and his wife, Lisa were here visiting this weekend. Chris' younger sister Amy also came to meet them and hang out with us. We had a fun time hanging out with them, ogling over Noah, and looking at wedding magazines and trying to help Amy with ideas for her wedding next spring. I can't believe how much Noah has grown and changed already. He doesn't seem much like a newborn baby anymore, and he's started to smile just a little! I haven't caught one on camera yet, but I'm trying.

They were obviously interested in our cloth diaper assortment, especially the pretty colors. They were intimidated about changing cloth diapers at first, but we showed them how easy it is, and they got right into it. We appreciated all the extra hands!

It took Noah just a little bit to give his grandpa Dennis a chance, but he sure did. Chris took these nice sunset photos. The first one shows an almost smile (I do realize that it looks quite a bit like the yawn in the third one, but just trust me).

He also liked his aunt Amy quite a bit. He's just about to get into the bathtub in the first one, and I think he was trying to tell her that he was going to scream about it. Maybe he'll get cleaner tomorrow...

He also had a great time with Lisa, and seriously tested her baby calming prowess, which was pretty good I thought.

Noah has definitely learned to cry for what he wants, and he's already got quite the stubborn streak, as we sort of expected. We think he's pretty great though, and he sure is lucky to have so many wonderful grandparents. My mom is coming down today to help me try to get my work done so we'll have more diaper changers around. I'll try to take advantage of my mom and get some more blogging done too :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Love

This evening was a little reunion of everyone in our birth class. There were five couples there with their little babies. Three of the other babies were already 8 weeks old, and one was six weeks. Noah outweighed two of the 8 week-olds with his current weight of 10 lbs, 12 oz. We're thinking he's been getting enough to eat.

The reunion was fun, comparing birth stories and new parent experiences, and seeing all those other babies. The highlight, without question, was when they propped all the babies up together for a portrait. Luckily, Chris had the Flip video camera rolling (Thanks Gill and Nancy!), and caught this hilarious moment on video. Apparently, Noah was quite interested in the baby girl next to him.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 Month Birthday/ Happy Father's Day!

Today is June 21st, which is Noah's 1 month birthday. It's also Chris' first father's day, which we celebrated by going up to Mt. Lemmon for a picknik with Adam and Amy and June. I didn't have my camera, but Amy took some great photos that I will hopefully be able to post a few of later.

Another major milestone (for us) is that we have made it through a few days of only cloth diapers, and going strong. We had to work up to it, because we actually didn't have quite enough to keep up with Noah (we didn't anticipate 15 or more a day). With a few extra though, it's going great. My favorite, without question, are the BumGenius One-Size (they get bigger, and should fit him through potty training). They're as easy as the disposables, and really cool colors. I'll try to get some pictures of them.

We had a great time in Flagstaff, but I didn't get another chance to post photos. Here are some more good ones of just lying around the house.

I'm home by myself this afternoon and Noah is tired of waiting, so I have to cut it short, but I'll try to keep posting photos!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Road Trip: Flagstaff

A Tour of Grammy Glo's Garden:

A Tour of Grammy Glo's garden started our little Flagstaff trip this time. My mom and Ron have been working hard on their gardening projects this year.
These yellow roses, which have been growing in a corner of the yard every summer as long as I can remember, were the first flowers to really catch Noah's attention. He grabbed at them and pulled several petals off.

The garden is pretty amazing, and the whole yard is filled with purple Penstemon flowers. Noah's super cute hat was a gift from Melissa, and we're sure loving it.

My mom's new container garden style is a ring of containers that forms a bed in the middle. It's pretty cool. You can see it in the photo below, along with a nice shot of part of the yard.

Chris took this beautiful close-up of the Penstemon.

A late-afternoon cozy nap:

Before a walk and Noah's first trip to Macy's, THE Flagstaff coffee shop:

And after the walk:

And some really awesome socks to keep those little toes warm:

Thanks Gram (My Grandma) for these Smart Wool baby socks!

We're definitely enjoying (and taking advantage of) more grandparent time. I'll try to post more photos as I take them, since we have some fun outings planned.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reading books together is good parenting, right?

Just wondering, do you think this would count as reading a book with your child?

After taking these photos yesterday afternoon I was thinking about putting them on my blog while taking a shower this morning (I guess we're both practicing our multi-tasking). I came out, and there they were again in just the same position. I told Chris I wasn't sure that was very nice to do to Noah, considering that the book was about six inches above poor Noah's face (it really did look like he was reading the back cover though). Chris agreed that maybe it wasn't so nice. I came back into the room a few minutes later to find that he'd shifted the book over to the side and was reading out loud to Noah about crimes on Mt. Everest. I guess reading is reading isn't it?

Friday, June 12, 2009

A few quiet days

When I was in my last semester of grad school and writing my thesis, I became quite a regular at a local coffee shop here in Tucson called the Epic Cafe. Chris is also a regular, since his school is next door, and what teacher doesn't need the occasional afternoon cup of coffee to get through the meeting right? Anyway, since I've been avoiding caffeine for the last several months, and had been coming in with quite a belly when I did get the urge for a bagel with veggie cream cheese, some of my favorite baristas had been asking about me. When Chris stopped in yesterday after a bike ride to bring me home a bagel with veggie cream cheese and a decaf latte, they of course asked about me and Noah. When the to go bag came out it looked like this. I know it's pretty silly, but I felt special to be missed by my favorite coffee shop.

Another thing I don't want to forget about is this adorable bracelet that my dad's girlfriend Melissa made for Noah to wear on his ankle. She said that when she was a baby they used to put little bracelets on babies in the hospital to identify them. Unfortunately he has already outgrown it. I was torn between wanting her to add more beads, and wanting to remember just how tiny his ankle was. The memory won out and I decided to take it off and keep it tiny. Here is a photo to look back at and prove that it really did fit on his ankle at one time.

There are certainly lots of moments when we can't believe how hard it is to take care of ourselves and baby at all hours of the day, but mostly these photos show how we're feeling about the whole thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Four Generations

As I mentioned yesterday, my dad's mom and her husband were also here visiting over the weekend. We had a good time with them, and actually took Noah out to eat a couple of times. I was worried it would be stressful to take him out, but he's great. We tried to get some photos of all four generations together. The one above is one of my favorites.

I also loved this one of my Gram holding Noah. He looked at her like that quite a bit, so we think maybe he'll remember meeting her next time he sees her. He also had on a onesie with stars on it to match her star earrings and shirt, just for fun.

When I got up this morning I realized that I really missed having all the guests. I had to burp Noah myself. No grandparents out there waiting to hold him and let me take a shower. Oh man. He's sleeping a lot today though, and giving me a little time to myself, which is sweet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Visit from Granddaddy

When I was little, and until my grandfather passed away a few years ago, we always called him Granddaddy. He used to buy us gummy worms and teach us to play games on his computer. He also had a great sense of humor and used to say things like, "when I was a little girl..." It always made us stop and think for a minute.

This is a photo of me with my Granddaddy.

Now my dad is Granddaddy. I think Noah likes him just as much as I liked mine so far (a lot!), and my dad sure loves Noah.

We had a great time with my dad and Melissa visiting. We really weren't ready for them to leave, and realized yesterday that they were leaving today. It's hard to live so far away from family.

We finally got Noah to enjoy a bath yesterday. I got in with him, so I think he trusted me enough to think the water wasn't so bad. He had his eyes locked on me the whole time though, as though he decided to trust me, but was still a little skeptical. Chris took these pictures of him in his towel, which of course he pooped in, but I guess that's what babies do right?

Now Noah's great-grandmother and step-great-grandfather are here visiting, which has been a lot of fun too. I'll post some photos of the four generations all here at once sometime soon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Flowers

Yesterday we took Noah to the Tucson botanical garden. We looked at flowers while he looked mostly at the inside of a sling. We enjoyed more fresh air and beautiful flowers and looked at the weird plants they were putting out for this weekend's weird plant sale.

I enjoyed the dinosaur garden, especially because it was lush and air conditioned.

Friday, June 5, 2009

2 week birthday piknick

Yesterday was Noah Kai's two week birthday (for a while now his birthdays will be on Thursdays, whole years are much too large to think about). I hadn't been outside in quite a while, and we needed some fresh air so we decided to take a little picknick and head up to the top of Mt. Lemmon. It was so great to see aspen and fir trees, and just sit in the grass. I don't think Noah was consciously aware of it, but hopefully we're teaching him about our love of being outside at an early age. He seems to do well in the carseat, which we're excited about.

It actually got pretty chilly up there, which was amazing since it was over 100 in Tucson. My dad lent Noah another shirt, and put socks on him so he was pretty happy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

8lbs 9oz

That's how much Noah weighed at the pediatrician's office yesterday, which apparently is pretty substantial weight gain for being a little less than two weeks old.

This morning I realized that there are some things that Noah Kai needs to wear before he gets way too big and I miss them. One of them was these little sandals that Juliana brought him from Argentina.

My dad and his girlfriend Melissa are here visiting for the week. It's been nice to have some extra hands, especially since Melissa has five children and has been a midwife for thirty years so I've been asking her LOTS of questions.

My dad loves being granddad, and he's already been pooped and spit up on several times, which I guess must mean that Noah likes him too.