Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day Three

Things are going really great so far. We couldn't love this baby more. As you can see, we can't resist taking pictures of all his little parts and sleep positions. I especially love his feet, and his very long toes. Someday soon I'll have to post a photo of my toes beside his so you can see where the ridiculously long toes probably came from.

Today he's just a little jaundiced so we've been told to get him in the sun a little bit. Otherwise, the world now revolves around nursing, napping, and changing diapers. It has been a little easier than we expected so far, I think mostly because my mom has been so wonderful, bringing us meals and cleaning the house. It would be ten times harder without her! Moms are really a great thing. She definitely seems to love being Grandma (or Grammy, or Nana, or whatever she turns out to be) also.

Today we also attempted to give Noah his first bath (I know some of you are thinking, "first bath? on day three!?" But yes, he just doesn't seem all that dirty). He didn't love it, but I think our bath setup needs a little improvement so he's not squished down at the bottom.


gordon uncle-in-law said...

wow!!!!!!! i don't know what to say but i want you all to know that we wish your new family health happiness and hope you all the best for the rest of time. our family is proud to have noah join us on this planet and at this time, woww!!!!! may he serve humanity well.

natasha said...

What sweet pictures. I think you did a great job of capturing his downy hair in the second picture. I love his wrinkly forehead in the pic with you and your ma. What a precious, precious baby!

Amy said...

Natasha took the words right out of my mouth about the photos. I think you should take a picture of the top of his feet too - you can really see how long his toes are then. I was amazed.

Sweet photos!

Chris said...

He may look sweet and innocent, but there's a little pooper in those photos!