Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day by myself

Chris had to go back to work today. Luckily it was only for today and tomorrow because I don't know how anyone can take care of a tiny baby and themselves for longer than that. It wasn't terrible, especially since Chris came home for lunch so I got to take a shower, but wow was it a challenge to do anything besides be in bed. I miss my mom a lot already.

Obviously, she loves being grandma and I bet she misses us too:)

Mostly what we've been doing is trying to get enough sleep to avoid looking like zombies. It's hard to want to sleep though, because I almost feel like I'll miss something. So, this is a short post because I'm already tired of sitting up. Hopefully soon we'll feel up to having visitors a little more often, and we'll get to see more of you!

I didn't post any photos of myself because I just so tired.

P.S. For more photos, click on my flickr badge on the right.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I was SO hoping you would post today.

And I've also been planning to bring you dinner. Or maybe a meal of snacks. Lasagna? Cookies? Email me your craving, anything at all that seems easy for you to heat up on the fly, and I will bring you food.