Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Counting up: +4

First of all, for a very excellent update on things, read Chris' blog post from yesterday (here).

I think now I have run out of photos of Chris and I. It's been fun to post them all here in succession and celebrate how much fun we've had together so far.
Today I'm feeling a little down, impatient, and discouraged. I'm disappointed in myself for my lack of patience.

I thought I would post a photo of a little altar that I made to sit in front of and appreciate this pregnancy, however, long, and to try to release any fears and negative thoughts before Sesame arrives. The cord is all the blessings from people at my shower. The little basket is full of tiny trinkets that have meaning from throughout my life (my first dangly earrings that my mom made, and things like that). The candle is one that Tasha decorated (the design for the alter is also very much like one that she made).
On the candle there is a little proverb that says:

Rather light a candle than complain about darkness

The purple ribbon is part of a visualization from our hypnobirthing class. My wedding ring, which doesn't fit, is also there to symbolize the love in our little family. The idea for this birth altar came from my dad's partner, Melissa, who has been a wonderful help through this whole process, being a very experienced home-birth midwife (who unfortunately lives in Vermont).
Anyway, I truly hope this is my last pre-baby post, but if I'm back here tomorrow it's because writing this blog often uplifts me, and knowing that so many of my friends and family care to read it gives me a little purpose every day. So Thank you!


glo said...

I love you so much, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of the waiting. There may not be many more times when I get to be with just you and I have really loved it.

natasha said...

I love your altar and I love the wisdom and maturity that come through especially in this blog post. I know you're eager for Sesame to come but you really are making this waiting into a spiritual exercise. I wish I could give you a big hug right now because I'm so proud of and inspired by how you're carrying yourself through this.

Amy said...

I opened this post and just thought about the sense of waiting, and how somehow the image captured what you must be feeling - only to realize how and why through your description. It is so flippin' cool.

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I love your alter!!! What a beautiful place to sit and process. Thank you for sharing. Sesame is on his way!