Thursday, May 7, 2009

Counting down: 9 days

Palenque Ruins, Mexico: Summer 2004

Unfortunately, this sort of not too great photo seems to be the only one I have of Chris and I together on our trip to Mexico the summer we moved to Tucson. We flew in to Mexico City and took an overnight bus all the way down south to Palenque and then worked our way back up to Mexico City, visiting beaches and ruins, little towns and big cities. We had a great time.
At the moment things are going well here. The high for today is supposed to be 101, and tomorrow 103. Super fun when more heat makes my feet more swollen :)
I don't think I've ever appreciated air conditioner quite so much before. Getting into a swimming pool is the most wonderful feeling. I would just sit in one all day if I could.


Chris said...

The Demon Azrael once said in a movie, "the greatest thing about being amongst humans: Air conditioning."

It would've been nice at Palenque or Mizunte as well.

natasha said...

Maybe Sesame is afraid to come out cuz he knows how hot it is out here and doesn't get the concept of air conditioning yet. Just a thought...
Maybe you should work that into your talks with him. ;)