Saturday, May 9, 2009

Counting down: 7 days

Long Trail, Vermont: Summer 2007

This photo was one of our many self-timer shots. We've gotten better and better at these, which shows in some of our Honduras shots I think (I'll post a couple of them later this week). This trip was just 3 days and 2 nights. We didn't bring any of our backpacking gear to Vermont with us, so everything we had was my dad's. We wore our low-top hiking shoes, and had a camp stove that we made out of a chock full-o-nuts coffee can and a couple of little sterno cans. You can imagine how we felt a little bit unprepared when we got out on the trail and it turns out that it must have been made before the invention of switchbacks, because this trail goes straight up, and then straight back down a series of mountains in the "short" 18 mile trip. What we thought would be leisurely turned out to be pretty hard, especially when we discovered the first night that although it wasn't raining, it had been raining a lot the past several days, and we had packed a total of 3 matches! We did it though (thanks to the sterno). We managed to have campfires and boil water for two dinners.

Today is Saturday and I got up early to go for a walk with Tasha this morning. It was hot already, but great to get out onto the trails up at Pima Community College. Last night Chris and I went out and got some ice cream from cold stone and then wandered around a nice neighborhood where we wish we lived. We thought it was a full moon, and it sure felt nice to walk in the moonlight. When we got home though, we discovered that today is actually the full moon. Maybe we'll have to do some more walking.

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