Sunday, May 10, 2009

Counting down: 6 days

White Canyon Wilderness: Spring 2008

We were apparently feeling tougher at this end of this backpacking trip with Colin and Steve than I am right now. There wasn't really a trail leading into the canyon we hiked into, just some cairns that were a challenge to follow. The pretty little creek and hillsides that were brilliant orange with poppies made it definitely feel worth it though.

This morning we went out for mother's day to the B-Line and had breakfast together. Apparently I still qualify for mother's day even though my baby is staying safely inside and away from the 100 degree heat for now. My little brother Gaelen called to wish me a happy mother's day, which was so nice. He told me he's moving to Hawaii so I'm pretty excited to go for a visit sometime soon.

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Chris said...

Why is my pack so much larger than yours? Oh yeah, because I love you.