Monday, May 11, 2009

Counting down: 5 days

Verde River: Spring 2008

Last Spring our friends Juliana and Mike invited us on a Verde River Duckie (those inflatable kayaks) trip. I don't think we were quite prepared for what we encountered: 59 miles in four days (which means being on the river from as soon as we could make it out in the morning until it was almost dark at night, whether it was snowing or not); a river that was flowing high enough to make some of the rapids awefully large, and many with trees on the side or in the middle (which means you get an incredible arm workout trying not to run into anything); Rapids often, more often than smooth water it felt like; Snow (oh, did I already mention that?); and finally a 7 mile reservoir that we had to paddle across, against the wind, to get back to the truck at the other side. Juliana and Mike are incredible adventurers. I'm sure you could have caught me feeling a little overwhelmed more than a few times. But what an amazing trip.

We had a good weekend, a lazy weekend. At one point I asked Chris, "what did we used to do on weekends?" when we were really out of ideas for how to get out of the house. We were at a loss. The heat, of course, makes it harder, but we did manage to go out for a hike on Saturday evening to see the sunset. We had hoped to see the moon rise also, but it came up much later than we expected. So far, Sesame seems pretty happy to stay where he is, although he does squirm around quite a bit. It must be getting a little cramped in there.


Chris said...

I feel that we did quite a bit this weekend, even though we had a slow start.

Amy said...

I bet it is getting cramped in there! Sesame, come out!