Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Counting down: 4 days

Utila, Honduras: Summer 2008

As I mentioned earlier in this countdown, we've gotten much better at taking self-timer photos of ourselves more regularly when on a trip (this might change with the baby, well have to see). This photo is one that I took of us with the self-timer on the balcony in front of our little room on the island of Utila, of the coast of Honduras. We went for our 'honeymoon' before our wedding last summer, and had a great time snorkeling and exploring beaches, towns, and ruins (if you want to see posts from while we were there, just search for Honduras, and you'll find a lot).

Yesterday evening we attended our group prenatal care class at the birth center for what had better be the last time. Not that it was bad, we had just hoped we might get to skip this one, but no such luck. Two of the couples from the class showed up with their babies, which should have felt encouraging, but I think in reality it just made the rest of us feel more hugely pregnant. It was fun to see those teeny babies though, of course.


natasha said...

This is such a stunningly beautiful picture of you, Em.

Amy said...

I totally agree with Natasha.