Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Counting down: 10 days

Gunnison, CO: Fall 2004

I was thinking it might be a bad idea to continue this countdown, since it isn't really counting down to anything on a definite day. Oh well, if May 16th comes and goes I'll start counting back up.
Lots of very wise people have been telling me to try and enjoy this last little bit of time before baby as much as I can, and especially to enjoy spending time with Chris. We've been going on lots of little dates and having fun together as much as we can. Yesterday we walked down the riverpark all the way to the Oasis Raspados stand and walked back eating these delicious sort of combination snowcone/ice cream/fruit treats. Mmm. It was hot, but we're sort of getting used to that.
Anyway, I thought a nice way to celebrate Chris and I and our before baby life right now would be to post a photo every day until Sesame arrives of Chris and I, starting with earlier ones and working up to more recent.
This one is of us in Gunnison, taken when Dennis and Lisa were visiting us and I think we were exploring Ohio pass in the fall (Chris might have to correct the location, but at least I'm sure it was fall :) So, for the next however many days I'll post more of them because we've obviously been having a great time together so far.


natasha said...

I've always loved this picture of you two...Sesame is lucky to be welcomed into such a happy family.

Amy said...

I like the countdown idea. And if it gets thwarted - hey no big deal.

And the celebration of you and Chris is a great idea. :)