Friday, May 15, 2009

Counting down: 1 more day

I love this photo from our wedding. It shows the incredible sunset that came after it sprinkled just a little on us as we walked down the aisle away from the ceremony. As soon as we went inside for dinner it started to pour, and hard enough to leak through the roof in some places! We could hardly see this kind of rain in the desert as anything but a blessing. Yesterday I heard that they are predicting some rain this weekend. What a blessing that would be as well.

Yesterday evening Chris and I went out for a Mexican dinner together. We thought it would be nice to go on a little date. My feet have been much less swollen with all the swimming, so I'm feeling really great. I also started and finished a good-sized novel in the last few days. It's certainly not something I've ever experienced before to just be waiting. I'm trying not to make too many plans, because my schedule's been feeling so full that past couple of weeks that I started to wonder if it might be causing some tension that I don't want to feel.

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Amy said...

This picture is so completely adorable, particularly because you can just tell how gigantic and deep your smile is.

I can't wait to see you, all of a sudden a mom.