Friday, May 1, 2009

The Best Furniture

A while ago I posted some magazine photos of nursery furniture and ideas that I thought were really cool (here). Well, our nursery setup look NOTHING like those. But, it is feeling pretty great to us, and we're super excited to try things out with the baby.

Our new most favorite piece of furniture in the entire house, hands down, is this reclining glider that Gram (my grandmother) generously offered to buy for us.

We got it from Tasha's good friend Leta, who said it was the best. She was right! I sat in it the first night we brought it home and thought it was the most comfortable I'd been in, hmm, I don't know, maybe four or five months? It is the best glider I've ever sat in, and I think Sesame is definitely going to appreciate it quite a bit too. I put the sarong on the back just to add some color to our room. As you can see, things are getting pretty ready for this little one to make like a baby and head out!
One other piece of furniture that I've been meaning to show is this baby Hammock that Chris' dad and Lisa gave us. It is sort of like a bassinet, and is the reason we don't have the crib set up yet. It sways when the baby moves, which is really awesome, and makes a soft little safe space for them to sleep.

We'll be sure to give you an update on how this thing works!


natasha said...

Your nursery looks fantastic and it's cool to see the hammock set up. Is that tray by the bed so that Chris can bring you breakfast in bed every morning after Sesame arrives? ;)

Chris said...

I love it! And as for breakfast in bed: yes I will begin to on occasion, but right now all I do is bring in my bowl of cereal and clank the spoon, slurp milk, and hum with my mouth full while she tries to sleep. I'm the ultimate alarm clock with no snooze button!

Tracey Embrace the Change Hayes said...

what a perfect nursery. I have never seen a baby hammock it looks perfect, I know I enjoy sleeping a hammock I'm sure Sesame will too.