Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Palo Verde Blossoms

This little Palo Verde tree in our backyard has grown quite a bit. I don't really notice it too much most of the year, but when it blooms I think it is so beautiful. All the usually green, sort of stick-like branches get covered in teeny tiny leaves and these yellow flowers. All over town there are these brilliant yellow trees. I love how bright all the greens are this time of year, when all the plants and trees have little bits of new growth. Despite the heat, this time of year is when I appreciate Tucson the most. It gets so quiet in the summer (I mean, not so many people, not that the noise of the Cicadas could be considered quiet).


Chris said...

A time for blossoms. For love. For patience in waiting. For beauty.

Gina said...

arrrrgh! Those lovely little blossoms make me sneeze!