Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Shade in the Backyard

I can't resist anymore. I told Chris I wouldn't post photos of our new backyard oasis. He wanted to write an amazing blog about it, and I'm sure he will. But I'm just itching to show off what a great thing he built last weekend, with the help of his friend Adam, in just one day. I was very impressed. Also, kicking myself for not having agreed to build this earlier. So, just one photo preview:

The actual shade casting part hasn't been put on yet because it was terribly windy here all week. I'll post more (or maybe Chris will) when it's completely finished.


Amy said...

The shade structure is so cool. I'm totally impressed that Chris threw it up in a weekend.

glo said...

It looks great, and I can see many relaxing hours under it enjoying the beautiful Tucson weather! Way to go Chris!