Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I said I would post photos of pretty colored eggs, so here they are. I didn't even have to dye eggs by myself! I was lucky enough to get to dye eggs with Amy and June this year, which was much more fun.

We used colorful crayons to decorate, and put vinegar in the dye to get the brightest colors. Today I'm looking forward to an Easter egg salad sandwich :)

This morning Chris is outside digging fresh holes in our backyard. We finally decided it was worth the money, time and effort to build a real wooden shade ramada in the backyard. This is probably one of the last weekends it will be cool enough to do it. We had a great spring rainstorm yesterday. It will be a welcome place to be as it gets warmer and warmer here, and will shade our back room and keep the house a little cooler too.


Chris said...

This comment page looked lonely. Easter was fun.
That is all.

Amy said...

I love the photos. They are awesome. Who is that gigantic kid? I have a baby you know.

Thanks for not posting the photos of me. :)