Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Close

Yesterday we went over to Adam and Amy's for dinner and a little photo shoot. We had to make sure that we got some good photos of this huge belly. Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks Adam and Amy!
We rearranged our room again last night, and have some awesome furniture that I'm going to show off very soon. Chris has been gardening too, so we're looking forward to fresh tomatoes sometime soon (as always, Thanks Steve for the plants and gardening help!!).


Amy said...

You look so beautiful. I really love that top photo. And I can't wait to see the furniture. :)

Louisa said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures. I can't believe how big you are now! I wish I were there to see you. We miss you guys!

Tracey Embrace the Change Hayes said...

What lovely pics. We're soooo excited he's going to ge here soon. Jed and I hope to come down soon to see you all. SENDING YOU LOVE FAMILY.