Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dyeing for Easter?

I love dyeing Easter eggs, and haven't done it for the last couple of years because somehow it's a little bit hard to justify coloring a whole dozen eggs without any kids to enjoy the process (although Chris and I probably would enjoy it just like kids :)
I plan to dye some eggs this year. I even have them sitting already hard-boiled in the refrigerator. But, this is not what you'll see here today. Today was another fun--Easter dyeing/getting ready for a totally hip baby--project.
So here it is: I got a lot of white onesies, t-shirts, and socks at the baby shower, colored beautifully by my friends and their kids, but still, as I said, ALL WHITE...

So.... I went to the fabric store and got some dye to start this project. Don't worry, you can still see most of the pretty artwork, it just has a more interesting backdrop now.

I didn't get to take any photos until the rinsing faze, since I had to wear rubber gloves to avoid staining my hands blue and yellow.

Once they were all washed, I hung them all together on the drying rack. I was so excited about the colorful clothing Sesame has to look forward to for the summer now.

Here is just one good example of how they turned out with the drawings and the color:

Look for my Easter egg colors in the next post!

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