Saturday, April 25, 2009

37 Weeks

An exciting day in our world. Some of our 'one day a year' cactus blossoms are blooming yesterday and today, and we're actually here to see them!

The colors are so bright that the camera can't really handle it.

Also, today we are 37 weeks, which means that Sesame could decide to come out and meet us whenever he chooses (even though we're still three weeks from our due date).

Chris is out gardening this morning despite the blazing sun. He has a big straw hat :)
I'm feeling a strong desire to go out doing errands today to make sure I have everything ready, just in case. Things like Recharge (like natural gatorade) and frozen dinners. Things are going great. The heat is making my ankles swell whenever I don't pay enough attention, which is a little annoying. I've been swimming a few times a week, which feels wonderful, and makes the swelling go away at least for a little while. So here we are, ready to start doing some more waiting, but with a slightly different feel...


Gina said...

wow--beautiful flowers and lovely belly!
let us know when you need a good home-cooked meal delivered....

Amy said...

Those flowers are out of control gorgeous and your belly is wonderful.

I can't wait to meet Sesame!