Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yetman Trail Hike

Bigger and bigger. Every time I see a photo of myself lately I gasp. Seriously?! Does it look that big? This is seven months. In the mirror it doesn't look so big (I also wear a lot of black, even though I always have this red shirt on in photos), and it certainly doesn't feel that big. But, there are photos to prove it.

We went with Steve and Tasha this afternoon to another hike that was about a five minute drive from our house but felt like the middle of nowhere. The funny thing was that they'd been here, and we'd been to another place sort of nearby, and we were sure we were talking about the same place. As Tasha said, good thing we didn't meet at the trailhead!
This trail went out to the old Yetman house, which is a really beautiful old stone house skeleton with windows all the way around that make great scenic benches.

Just before leaving (part of the reason we left when we did) was that Chris discovered a rather large Diamondback rattlesnake relaxing in a hole in the floor where the old stove used to be. We were wondering who lived there...
On the hike back down we heard an owl echoing through across the high walls of the little canyon. From down below the sound reverberated so strongly that we wondered if Sesame could hear it too. We'll have to ask him in a couple of months.


Chris said...

I don't think your belly is getting bigger, it sesame's house renovation project. Kinda like ours, but less painting.

natasha said...

That was a great hike - thanks for the great company. I love the pic of you facing away from the camera in that door frame.