Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking advantage of nice weather

Yesterday evening we tried another new trail, which we went back to this morning because it was so nice, and because Chris really really wanted to ride his bike around at least once this weekend.
These photos are from the evening hike, when, as you can see, the lighting on the cacti was beautiful. The view of the city was great from up here too, but I couldn't quite capture it well enough to do it justice.

Chris' red Nalgene bottle was really pretty in the sunlight too!

Here is another one of me looking much bigger than I actually feel :)


Chris said...

I love you new header, even though it can be a headache to work on that stuff! I love you as well.

natasha said...

I love your header too - especially how you were able to get the ridge line of the mountains to match up perfectly as one continuous line. So cool.
It's great you guys have been able to get out for so many hikes lately. Tucson is paradise this time of year, eh?

glo said...

What gorgeous pictures - I like your new banner too! I love the picture of you and your belly too!

Amy said...

That top photo is AMAZING.

And your belly looks great. Not that big. :)

cloth.paper.string said...

lovely photos! just tonight i was telling my almost three year old about a camping trip i took 'when she was still in the egg' to sleep near the organ pipe cacti and listen to the coyotes. the desert seems so foreign and far away as i watch a blizzard outside the window...
and yay for cloth diapers! and for camping with them. it's totally doable.