Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring cleaning... or maybe a little nesting?

We finally moved back into our room (and promptly threw our clothes all over the place, so I couldn't take a picture). But here is what the carpet looks like. It doesn't look as yellow as in the photos. That's because I was using the flash.

I think its exactly the same as the sample I put up a couple of weeks ago.

You really have to walk into the room to appreciate just how much of a difference it makes, but hopefully you can imagine.
Our house is starting to seem a little bit more organized in general too. My mom and Ron came down over the weekend to help us paint the kitchen. I had our little guest room all set up for them. I hated this quilt that Chris' grandmother made for a long time, but lately I have really grown to love it. It has a fun colorful style, especially against another tapestry.

We're really lucky to have so many generous parents that come help with the house and do so many things for us. I haven't really taken a good picture of that yet either... I guess I need to catch up:) Sadly, the back room has suffered as we've had to move things out of other rooms and then they look so clean that it's hard to want to move them all back...

While they were working I made some prickly pear lemonade with another container of the frozen juice we had packed away from harvesting last summer. I juiced more of the lemons that are still hanging on the tree out front, even though the tree is also already covered with delicious smelling white blossoms.

The other day when Chris came home from work he brought in a couple of the little flowers that are blooming out in the yard (for those of you who don't live in Tucson, it's sort of almost the end of spring here, and it will be summer within the next couple of weeks. Before you feel any envy though, just remember that summer for us means staying couped up inside most of the time like winter everywhere else).

Chris also said that day that he had the best and worst day of work ever. The best day with the kids, and the worst day because he ripped his favorite shirt all the way down the back :(

But, my mom is planning to make a tummy time quilt for the baby, and Chris sent the shirt along with her so we may still get some enjoyment out of it after all. We had to take all my bottles down from above the cabinets, and they looked so pretty catching the sunlight. Someday I'll have a nice window shelf where I can put them.

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glo said...

We sure enjoyed our visit with you, and each time we come your house and yard get more beautiful. You really make it feel great!