Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second Ultrasound

We had our much dreaded second ultrasound on Monday. It was not nearly as bad as the first one. We told the woman what had happened the first time, and she actually seemed irritated that the other people were giving all ultrasound technicians a bad name. She was incredibly nice and respectful, told us that everything looked perfect, and gave us a few more "photos". These are much less clear than the earlier ones. I guess he has less room to move around now, which means it's less easy to see the outline of him. I put them on the fridge, which helps me eat really healthy I hope. Also, we're getting just a little but antsy to have him around here, so it seems like another step maybe. Sorry I didn't take the time to scan the image this time. If you look very closely you can make out the profile of a little baby head with a hand in front of it.

It was a huge relief to hear that the placenta had moved up, well out of the way (the reason we had to go back in). Only about two more months!!


Tracey Embrace the Change Hayes said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad this ultrasound went better. And the shot with Sesame’s little hand up - it's like he's saying "rock on Mama San, I'll see you soon." eat well, be well. See on the 4th, if not sooner.

natasha said...

So cool to see his beautiful little baby profile - and his little clenched fist. Just think - so soon that little hand will be gripped tightly around your finger. Sweet, sweet, sweet!