Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peppersauce Campout

Over the weekend we went camping with a group of friends at Peppersauce campground, a little ways outside of Tucson. The campground is beautiful, surrounded by huge Sycamore trees. I was a little nervous about camping, considering how many pillows I've been needing to sleep with, but we loaded our air matress up (which we had to put into the tent before we blew it up), and it was surprisingly comfortable. The problem with air matresses usually is that you sink in too much, but if you're forced to be on your side the sinking in actually turns out to be an advantage.
Something I was very excited about (besides just the fact that we got to camp with a very adorable little baby)
was that my friend Kristin's baby was wearing some of the cloth diapers that I've been talking so much about. She raved about them, and it was definitely encouraging to see the cloth diapers on a pretty young baby out in the woods!

Chris definitely enjoyed the trip. Especially playing ball with the two little two year-old boys that were having a blast running all around our camp.
We also got to play "all terrain Bocce ball" for the first time, which was a lot more fun than I expected. You just throw a little ball out into the rocks/grass/ravine/trees/etc. and then everyone else throws their ball (kind of like a large croquet ball) and whoever lands closest gets a point. It's more difficult than it sounds though with the terrain because you don't really know which direction, or how far, the ball with roll. I think Chris won with four points. I amazingly actually did get one point, although I think it was luck considering my ridiculous aim.

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