Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homemade Belly Butter

One of my good childhood friends from Flagstaff is here in Tucson for the spring, taking a break from her really neat life in British Columbia where, she tells me, you can have lots of different types of berries out in your yard and an incredible garden in the summer. Right now though, I think it's around -20 or something like that. You can see the Appeal of Tucson this time of year then.
Anyway, she came over yesterday and brought me this homemade belly butter and face cream, her own special formulas. I was especially excited about the belly butter, and used a ton of it last night. It's a lot of shea butter, which is great since my aunt Deborah gave me a little jar of shea butter cream that I've covetted and not wanted to run out of, but now I have plenty! Thanks Robin!!

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natasha said...

Awesome! I noticed those jars in your bathroom and meant to ask you about them. They're so pretty - they look like they came from some specialty boutique. And I bet they work great too. Yay Robin!