Friday, March 20, 2009

Backyard Spring Equinox

It's been too long since I wandered around our yard taking pictures. Since today is the Spring equinox I thought I would post some of the pretty blossoms that are starting to show up, and some of the other things that make it feel like spring here today. It was kind of grey and breezy, which we appreciate since the sun is already blazing most days.

The orange and lemon blossoms (the white one above) smell so wonderful. My sense of smell is super acute right now, and I'm definitely enjoying the sweet smell whenever I walk out the door.

We would probably never have a garden if it weren't for Steve's amazing skill (and proliferation) at starting plants (he sprouts many more plants than his yard has room for). We are often the lucky recipients of plants like these tomatoes, all ready for us to pretend that we are excellent gardeners, when actually all our attempts at starting plants from seed have ended rather comically in dried up failure.

The pepper plant is also from Steve, last fall. He gave us a couple of pepper plants and about a dozen or more basil plants to enjoy, which we definitely did (and still are, since there's lots of pesto in the freezer).

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Chris said...

I love how looking at you blog people don't have a clue how full of weeds our yard truly is! It is quite amazing the beautiful scenes you can capture just by moseying around the yard.