Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A week of our life: Wednesday

Another normal day of work. This morning I came into the kitchen where Chris had already gotten started on eating muffins, and we noticed a slight similarity in our outfits. We could have changed, but oh well. ( a terrible picture of us, but it shows the outfits)

Chris packed up some more muffins for his afternoon meeting, and we headed to work.

On my morning walk to the cat tran station, which is about 3/4 of a mile, I love to look at all the houses in my favorite neighborhood. One house in particular is my favorite. I love the swing on the porch, the palm trees, and the big front windows.

Every Wednesday Chris stays late at work for a staff meeting. This afternoon I went in before the meeting was over to give you a little tour of his school.

This is the front door of the school (the other photo is of Chris going into a special, teacher's only side door). To get in, you go through the gate at the right, down the stairs into the basement, and walk into this entry room.

From there, you walk into the long hallway, past the front office, where Chris was involved in a very important discussion.

(the photo is from the other end of the hallway)

Chris' classroom is called the "cueva" - Spanish for cave. I think because of it's lack of windows. It's funny that Chris and I live in this oh so sunny city, and both work all day in basement offices. Anyway, his classroom is quite a bit nicer than my office (I think).

We decided to go out for pizza slices at Time Market, but being lousy at this documenting everything, I forgot to bring the camera. Too bad, because it was really more photogenic than my favorite house on 2nd street.

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gordon uncle-in-law said...

thanks for the tour of the school, someone is watching and taking notes.
as for the cave idea, it must be some kind of cosmic balance between sunniest state and protection from harmful solar rays.
you will be rewarded in the end with a life full of sunshiny gifts