Sunday, February 1, 2009

A week of our life: Sunday

First off, here is another photo of me. I think I posted one about a month ago, and for those of you who don't get to see me as often, it shows how much my bellow is showing as of this weekend.

This week, as I mentioned the other day, I'm going to try an activity that Amy did a while ago, showing a week of our life. Especially because I know nobody has ever seen where I work, what I do, and lots of other things about daily life in Tucson.

So, this weekend we did a fun grocery shopping trip at Whole Foods Market. We usually alternate between there and Trader Joe's, with the inevitable convenience stops at Albertson's for extras later in the week. I was feeling a little guilted about eating sugar and things by some overly high and mighty individuals in our birth class, so I took a photo of our groceries that made me feel better. That peanut butter was the most exciting thing, and I've already made a dent in it using bananas and apples as a good excuse :)

Yesterday afternoon we went for a hike with Steve and Tasha in the Tucson Mountains (the first photo is from the hike too).

Afterward we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant that we like. As we were walking into the restaurant Chris looked next door at Plaza Liquors and said something like, "Mm, make your own six pack..." As we walked out he said the same thing, maybe even more longingly, so I suggested that maybe we should wander that way. They have an incredible selection of beers, and you can choose a four or six pack. I thought we would never make it out as Chris picked out the four beers he most wanted. When we got home he studied them... I guess not having beer around the house very much has really increased his appreciation for it.

Today we didn't watch the Super Bowl, but we could hear our neighbors cheering loudly, so it must have been good. This evening we watched Groundhog Day, in honor of the holiday tomorrow. While we were sitting there I had Azrael (our kitty) sitting on my lap. She had her head on my belly, and one paw. I started talking to her about the baby, since it seems like she knows something about it. The baby started kicking, as he often does when he can feel her purring, and he kicked right where her paw was resting. She jerked her paw up and shook it, totally freaked out. She looked at me like that was just too weird, and took off. I guess I didn't explain it well enough.


Chris said...

Others may look at this and think we're boring, but I think of how fun you are to be around. That and having a wife that speaks 'cat' is pretty impressive as well.

natasha said...

I sure don't think you're boring. In fact, that kind of sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Em, that top picture of you is so beautiful. And I love the story about Azrael. Chris, is that an AGAVE Wheat beer I see you inspecting?!?
Oh, and happy groundhog day! But bad news, guys, the groundhog saw his shadow so there are going to be six more weeks of this grueling winter. Sorry to have to break the bad news. ;)

emery_rose said...

Geez, six more weeks of winter... less than 80 degrees... oh man. How will we cope?

Jed said...

Interestingly enough, as I learned on NPR, there are a few different groundhogs across the country. The one in Pennsylvania seems to have unceremoniously crowned himself as THE groundhog. Turns out, most of the others did NOT see their shadows. So... I think that, like, we have to spin around three times and chant a song from Cats! backwards?