Monday, February 2, 2009

A week of our life: Monday

Today was a pretty average Monday. Chris and I have been driving to his work together, since I haven't really been comfortable riding my bike, and then I walk to work or to the U of A bus stop and take the "cat tran".

The building I work in is an older one beside the much newer, and much larger medical complex. The big building houses the university hospital, the medical library, medical school and nursing college, cancer center, and lots of research projects. Our building is called the Family and Community Medicine building, and it houses mostly residents, research study staff, and a few MDs who teach in the Family and Community Medicine Program.

In between the buildings there is a nice little walking trail that I walk around in circles on every few hours to get out of my basement office.

My cubicle is, sadly, in the basement of the building. I think it looks worse in the photos than it really is. But there are no windows, so it's not ideal.

I have my cubicle decorated with cutouts of pretty windows and nice outdoor garden scenes to make me feel like I'm sitting in a nice home office looking out the window. It actually sort of works sometimes. I would recommend it. I also have one of the photos that Chris took in the Grand Canyon on my desktop, so I can pretend that I'm hiking :)

After work/school we got home and sat in the one room in our house that gets afternoon sun. I made cole slaw while Chris graded math tests.

When Colin got home we all made bison burgers together, with slaw, potatoes and asparagus.

At the moment, Chris is back to grading math tests, now in the living room since sun isn't an issue, and I'm trying to make an interesting blog post out of a regular day.

I think it might work, since I'm pretty sure none of you have ever seen my basement cubicle, and if it's not exciting, I don't know what is!

By the way, in case you were wondering, Chris does NOT usually do this much homework in one evening. He is being particularly industrious today.

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