Saturday, February 7, 2009

A week of our life: Friday & Saturday

Oops, I didn't quite make it to blog every day this week. Friday was a pretty rough day, but things are worked out now I think. To de-stress from our day, Chris and I decided that what we really needed was a huge bowl of popcorn and some video game golf.

That's about all we did on Friday actually, besides work and be stressed out. Actually, I forgot that we did have lunch together in the courtyard next to Chris' school, which was really nice.

Today we spent some time cleaning the house. We listened to a really interesting story on This American Life (recommended by Tasha), about a child who was kidnapped and then given to the wrong family. No one found out until his granddaughter started doing research. Wow.

We used several of the lemons from our tree out front and Nana's old citrus juicer to make lemonade. You know what they say about when life gives you lemons :)

We made a couple of trips to Home Depot for supplies to soundproof the wall between our bedroom and the apartment, which we think is going to improve our lives quite a bit. Chris is already starting to work on it now.

Also, since it was so nice and sunny we decided to open the blinds all the way, instead of just turning them. We were appalled by how dirty the window sills were, and spent some time cleaning them, and caulking because of all the dust that blows right in.

In between we made made some delicious tacos for dinner, with corn and beef and blue corn shells, cheese, cilantro, green chiles and cabbage.


Amy said...

I want to come over and eat at your house! I like your lemonade idea - did it turn out well? Hope o.

Jed said...

I don't totally remember the source on this, but I remember it being a surfer dude that said, "When life hands you lemons, you say, 'F**k it,' and bail." That has always made me laugh.

Chris said...

Are these real lemons or theoretical ones? Oh yeah, both. I like both the old saying and Jed's passed down rendition.